Under a Red Moon

by Vagabond

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First EP from Vagabond (Neil Garvey). A collaboration with Patrick Hallinan who produced the EP and added the colour and texture to all the tracks. Stephen Dwane provided his superb drumming talents on the tracks. A big thank you to him also. The EP title refers to the fact that the songs were recorded during the last Moon Tetrad (no idea either) in April 2014 when the Moon turned red due to consecutive eclipses and the Earth's shadow casting the red hue. The next one of these is in in 2032. Some songs were written years ago in Galway and some in the UK where I currently live. In a way it's a bridge between those two places in my life. None of this would have happened without the support and hard work of Patrick Hallinan. I am blessed to have someone with his musical skills in my corner. And thank you Isabelle for very patiently listening to early versions of these songs and being the inspiration for some of them.


released March 6, 2016

Acoustic guitar, lyrics and vocals: Neil Garvey
Drums: Stephen Dwane
Bass and all other instruments: Patrick Hallinan
Recorded, mixed and produced by Patrick Hallinan (legend)



all rights reserved


Vagabond Saint Albans, UK

Living in UK, raised in Galway, Ireland. First EP.

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Track Name: The Goat
You drink your Whiskey dry I see
You're gonna rattle a cage or two
But despite all prior warnings now
I threw an ice-cube into your soup.
What can ya say when you open up
A can of worms and eat it for food?
You're the type of guy who barks like a dog
and expects to be excused.

It's the Goat in you... x 4

You claim to be all sensitive
but where is all the proof?
The water of life is the Devil's plaything
When a man is in his youth.
You can't see the woods from the trees my friend
As they fall down all around you.
You perform in a play of fools again.
It's an empty house at your debut.

It's the Goat in you...x 4

Age will only mellow you
but beware of slips and slides.
The Goat lurks around all corners now
There is nowhere to hide.
Stick to your planned route my friend and
Try not to meet Pan's eye
If you try to lock horns with him
It won't be long before you die

It's the Goat in you...x 4
Track Name: Harbour of Ale
What do you say my dear?
How's about a chat and a beer?
Reign in all your strife and pain.
And wash it away with the grape or the grain

An' see how your smile set sail,
Launched from a Harbour of Ale.
An' who says beer is bad?
When you're my Piratess and
I'm your Sinbad

An' we...don't have to be...
Anything we're...told to be....
An' you...should always stay true...
To what you...want to do....

Strollin' through the evenin' light
Night descends but you're still bright.
My hazy head has cleared up nice,
Your foggy frown is no longer in sight...

An' see how your smile set sail,
Launched form a Harbour of Ale.
Who says fear is bad?
When you're my Piratess and
I'm your Sinbad.

Now see...the change in me...
is all I need... to get off my knees...
Now don't...show any fear...
though it's always near...
It's time to cheer.
Track Name: The One
You're the One for me x 2
We go together like a strange chemistry.
I'm the One for you x 2
No more searchin' high and low
For the truth.

As the fire burned bright that night,
The darkness receded and then came light.

You're the one for me
Yeah you're the One for me.
Ya steered me away from the rocks
In stormy seas.
I'm the One for you x 2
No more stumblin' round the place
Like a fool.

As the fire burned bright that night,
The darkness receded and then came light.

You're the one for me
Yeah you're the One for me.
The foolishness and doubt has all
But faded see.
I'm the One for you x 2
It's nearly time for something old
And something new.

As the fire burned bright that night,
The darkness receded and then came light.

You're the one for me
Yeah you're the One for me.
You're the One for me.
Track Name: You're my girl
Open the door
Can't take no more
Of my scattered head.
Time to lay on my bed.

You're my Girl x 3

Let the light shine
Say that you're mine.
My brain feels so dead.
I'm nearing the end.

You're my Girl x 3

All our memories
Like branches on a tree.
I float like a leaf,
Try not to grieve.

You're my Girl x 3

We danced and we kissed.
You must remember this.
Time to say goodbye.
Now look into my eyes...

You're my Girl x 4
Track Name: Ham on Rye
I'm goin' out tonight
Things are lookin' bright.
My girl's back in town.
She turns my fown upside down.
It's time to go, time to go,
Into town. Turn my life around.

We meet at Bob's Cafe.
We got so much to say.
The sparkle in her eye.
As I order Ham on Rye.
Does she know? Does she know?
I hope so x 2

The nerves'r gettin' to me.
As I hold the ring.
She's got somethin' to say.
I proceed to listen in dismay.
Up in smoke. Up in Smoke.
Oh no no x 2

She tells me 'bout a guy.
Named Jack - he's six foot high.
'It's not you it's me',
is what she said to me.
I can grow. x 2
No I can't! Time to let go.

She wishes me well.
But leaves me in Hell.
I go pawn the ring.
I get drunk an' I have a fling with her best friend Rose,
Her friend Rose.
Well that's how it goes. x 2

I never saw Jane again.
She married Jack there and then.
Many years have passed.
But my wife Rose she's still got a fine ass,
Yes she does.. mmm...mmm....mmm
Track Name: Fifth Fret
You're gonna rock the boat
To see which way I fall tonight.
Up on deck there's plenty of strange delights.
I wanna be the one who sees you without sight.
I got tales to tell if that'll be alright.

I watch as you break off some of me to chew.
As usual it's too much even for you.
Your lessons are learned the hard way.
But between now and then we don't listen to a word you say

Robbin' me blind enables you to see
What lurks beneath the masks of people you meet.
I was never one for showing up
Other's weaknesses that they gave up.

But sometimes a man must buck the trend.
To reach a beginning instead of an end.
The writing's on the wall for you and me.
But we're all too fuckin' blind to have a read.
Track Name: Mushroom
You never look beyond the islands of your mind.
I would navigate around them like a child.
Throw me a life jacket so I can climb inside.
Call me when the stormy seas begin to subside.

Throw your caution in the bin and
Sing a song to the wind.
Blow up all your frowns and paint
A picture of all the people you hate.

Your mother said you were never to be outdone.
That may be the reason why you went and bought that gun.
We'll never know why you went and tried to shoot the Moon.
Your aim was off and you shot right through the heart of Neptune.

So smash up all your nagging doubts and
Go and give certainty a shout.
Tazer all your mortal fears and
Go and leave anxiety in tears.

So tear up all your gloom.
Sculpt a statue of a Mushroom.
Incinerate your beautiful mind.
Let us smoke the ashes left behind...